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    Many are those
    who complain about

    Migraines, insomnia, vertigo, tinnitus, bruxism, muscle tension, tendonitis and joint problems

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    And if these pains came
    just from your jaw ?

The genesis of Head-Balance

Gold Medal in the Concours Lépine Paris 2005

Medalist of the Société Française du Sport

Welcome to the website of Head-Balance!

Founded in 2003 by Mr Alfred Pfennig, Heilpraktiker (German State Diploma) and trainer in postural balance, the company Head-Balance is based on the invention and the realization of an innovative concept. It is observed that symmetrical oral exercises with the Head-Balance device have beneficial anti-bruxism effects.

With the use of Head-Balance, the oral gymnastics device, restore the balance of your body and find the harmony to which you aspire. Do not wait any longer and enjoy our online sale of our HEAD-BALANCE device.

The genesis of Head-Balance

During the year 2000, Mr Alfred Pfennig receives a patient, suffering from a big migraine.

As a postural equilibrium Heilpraktiker, he removed all tension in the back, which freed the neck and made the headache disappear. However, a small tension remained behind the skull (occiput). It was then that he had the idea of ​​working with the jaws, taking on his desk a paper clip! He had her perform oral exercises by opening and closing her mouth. After a few minutes the tension disappeared.

This event is then the trigger of a new idea: to remove the evils by making work the jaw of his patient.

After a few successful tests, the specialist looks at researches dealing with the temporomandibular problem. Three years later, after gathering the knowledge and observations of fellow therapists and dentists, the Head-Balance device was born.

Efficiency found!

Today, Alfred Pfennig is marketing the oral gymnastics equipment, supported by his assistant Laurence Gendre. Since its launch, the device continues to be recommended by its users and health professionals.

His "invention" earned him the gold medal Lépine Paris in 2005 and the medal of the French Society of Sports Medicine in 2007.

For further information on the online sale of the Head-Balance device, please fill out the online contact form.

Do not wait any longer and consult the other sections of the website to discover in detail the various virtues of Head-Balance, as well as its instructions.

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