Muscle tensions

Since its launch, the Head-Balance has demonstrated incomparable effectiveness in helping migraine sufferers headaches, snoring, vertigo, tendinitis, nocturnal bruxism ... So much so that the Head-Balance oral exercise machine Alfred Pfenning was the winner of the gold medal at the concours Lépine, international exhibition of the invention of Paris 2005. But the benefits of the product do not stop there: to reduce the muscular tension of the neck, shoulders and back, choose the Head-Balance solution!

The importance of good chewing

Some chewing muscles have an impact on the balance of the neck, shoulders, back or chest. An imbalance can then be the factor of appearance of tensions and compressions of the nerves and the blood vessels. It is in this context that our Head-Balance device comes into play.

A revolutionary device

After having studied the temporomandibular problem during the year 2000, Heilpraktiker Alfred Pfenning designed the Head-Balance to reduce the buccal imbalance and target the muscular tensions that are generated. His research has shown that these tensions favor the development of other ailments such as migraines and neuralgia. Easy to use, Head-Balance offers daily and short exercises that will have progressive and effective repercussions on the whole body.


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You want to reduce the muscular tension of the neck or your back? Nothing more simple: order our Head-Balance! For more information, contact us via our different interfaces: by phone, email or via our online contact form.

Muscle tensions 

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