The device is spring steel with two elastomeric tips (food), whose shape has been well studied so that the incisors and canines are positioned correctly. The pressure is thus restored to the entire jaw, this allowing its use for any young or old person or wearing a dental prosthesis. By its well-centered position that causes some resistance, the muscles of the left and right sides work simultaneously.

This device has been tested for several years. Very good results have been obtained by performing daily oral exercises with the Head-Balance device.

The actions of Head-Balance on the temporomandibular joint, on the dynamic work of the muscles that relax and balance are of interest to dentists, in addition to occlusal splints. The exercises are not binding because they are short-lived. A good balance of the jaws allows a simple and precise work.

MODE OF USE (simple and effective)

  • Practice morning and evening oral exercises.
  • In sitting position, put the device in the mouth on the tips by positioning the incisors behind the booster seats.
  • The exercise consists in chewing 10 times slowly by opening little (from 1 to 1.5 cm max.) Head right, then 10 times the head very slightly turned to the left (10 °) and finally 10 times the head very slightly turned right (10 °). Do 3 times this exercise (3 x 30) observing a pause of one minute between each set of 30.

Eight weeks are necessary to balance the whole.

In maintenance, do the exercises one week a month.

A firming due to a good blood supply of facial tissues has a preventive effect against wrinkles and promotes their reduction.

Balanced strength training can be achieved naturally by doing daily oral gymnastics.

Erratum: you should turn your head a lot less during the exercises than on the video, ie turn very slightly 10 ° to the right and 10 ° to the left.