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HEAD-BALANCE, a device for oral gymnastics for a good muscular balance and for the beauty of the face!

As a result of dental problems, surgeries, accidents, bruxism or other things, people tend to chew on one side. Operating on one side of the jaw, some muscle fibers strengthen while others relax because they no longer work regularly.

In this way, an imbalance of the temporomandibular joint occurs mechanically and automatically. This imbalance and relaxation add to the wrinkles related to age, but also to our lifestyle (poor diet, lack of sleep, stress, pollution and excess sun, etc.) and accentuate their appearance.

With head balance exercises, you can regain the curve of your face by toning some relaxed parts (such as eyelids and neck).

Thanks to this action, a good firming of the facial features sets in and the microcirculation is activated and reinforced, thanks to an increase of the vascularization.

Facial gym exercises delay the effects of cellular aging on areas, called "folds of bitterness", "double chin" or the famous "nasolabial fold".

They also help to relax the facial muscles that remain contracted even at rest. These are the expression lines that reflect our lives: forehead wrinkles, "crow's feet" at the corner of the eyes that reflect our intense laughter or the "lion's ride", the wrinkle most famous expression, located on the forehead, between the eyebrows.

This gymnastics also helps fight against dark circles, bags under the eyes and avoids time-related relaxation.

As a result, the skin becomes smoother, more radiant, revitalized and toned.

To reduce these wrinkles, it is advisable to practice daily oral gymnastics with Head-Balance.

The principle is simple. Just do the exercises a few minutes a day, which will make the joints and muscles work symmetrically. The muscles of the jaw will relax and so tone up the same way left and right and rebalance gradually, which will have the effect of fighting against sagging skin and at the same time will relax and balance the whole bodybuilding.

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Head Balance Beauty 

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